BRAZILIAN JAZZ BY CLAUDIO CELSO "On this CD, Claudio steps into the spotlight to display his phenomenal solo abilities with a collection of original tracks combined with traditional Brazilian favorites. Powerful, passionate and energetic, this CD is a journey into the realm of the exotic, yet exhibiting true musical class; when talent meets experience".
Recorded at Nota Por Nota Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Claudio Celso (acoustic and electric guitars, percussion); Stuart King (trumpet); Dante Luciani (trombone); Rubens Lopes (flute); Paulo Checolli, Phil Jellatis, Abel Pavon (keyboards); Tuco Freire (acoustic bass); Pepe Aparicio (fretles bass, bass); Sizao Machado (bass); Duda Neves (drums); Joao Parahyba (percussion).

  1. Song For Anita

SWELL - A COOL BRAZILIAN JAZZ EXPERIENCE "Claudio´s enlightened original compositions and his version of classic pieces in this CD get close to perfection. Both the title song "Swell" and the track "Tudo Azul em Monicaland" display subtle bossa nova elements, "Bye Bye Brasil" by Chico Buarque gained a fabulous be-bop version. Another nice surprise is the track "Hades" with a mysterious atmosphere and linear melody emphasizing the melodic lines of Claudio´s guitar."
Recorded at Trilha Certa Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Claudio Celso (guitar); Léa Freire (flute); Adriano Busko (drums and percussion);Marcelo Maita (electrical piano); Tuco Freire (bass); Swami Jr. (acoustic guitar). Daniel D'Alcantara (flügelhorn); Beto Caldas (vibrafone).

  1. Bye Bye Brasil

SURF LIFE "This is the music my inner ear captures when I'm in the water waiting for the next set of waves or right after I come out of a beautiful perfect ride with that red sun going down after a day of surfing and celebration of life at its best, in sync with the universe far from the artificial things created by this modern and electronic high-tech world we live in."
Recorded at Home Sweet Home Studios, Guarujá, Brazil, with Claudio Celso (acoustic and electric guitars)


  1. What a Day